The Human Container

Did you know?

Fractions & fragments 

Fractal & fractures…
My soul has gone through the extremes of 
Micro & macro 
Magical & mystical
To question that happiness when time is dead still 
Enigmatic & energetic
Erotic & entangled
When you melt me with your breath 
Vigorously & vulnerable 
Volatile & vicious 
When your words pour sweetness of rain 
Dissolving & disappearing 
Dreading & decreed-ing 
I crave of a union with you 
Haunting & happy 
Helpless & hoping 
To transcend in a shell of deep oceans 
Captive & colorful 
Carefree & consumed 
With the dreams of moments in metaphors 
Intrigued & intricate 
Innocent & iconic 
Where you forget the questions & conditions 
Peacefully & poetic 
Precisely & pragmatically 
And come out from the shell like birds newly born 
Free & frantic 
Fragile & flamboyant 
Independent of nests & comforts 
Curious & creative 
Confident & crazy 
Like my heart beats for unknown hunger 
Fractions & fragments 
Fractal & fractures…