The Human Container

Did you know?

Fractions & fragments 

Fractal & fractures…
My soul has gone through the extremes of 
Micro & macro 
Magical & mystical
To question that happiness when time is dead still 
Enigmatic & energetic
Erotic & entangled
When you melt me with your breath 
Vigorously & vulnerable 
Volatile & vicious 
When your words pour sweetness of rain 
Dissolving & disappearing 
Dreading & decreed-ing 
I crave of a union with you 
Haunting & happy 
Helpless & hoping 
To transcend in a shell of deep oceans 
Captive & colorful 
Carefree & consumed 
With the dreams of moments in metaphors 
Intrigued & intricate 
Innocent & iconic 
Where you forget the questions & conditions 
Peacefully & poetic 
Precisely & pragmatically 
And come out from the shell like birds newly born 
Free & frantic 
Fragile & flamboyant 
Independent of nests & comforts 
Curious & creative 
Confident & crazy 
Like my heart beats for unknown hunger 
Fractions & fragments 
Fractal & fractures…


your sight is a mirage for this thirst my tender tongue argues with lips.

my senses stonned & soul not sober for a realization that the joint I dragged was you.

the winter chill and the emptiness in my breath takes me to a forest of nilgiri wood.

mist smells of you and not those dry leaves on the path I walk.
these insects moan & remind me of your heartbeats.

every step n every inch of my existence asks for a sign, a sunrise between the temple of your breasts.

a little warmth between your lips. that childhood amongst your fingers.
the nights behind your ears n those glides on your shin.
craziness does not stop in search of the childhood or a temple but triggers my senses.
the joint I rolled, was that really you? but before I wake up I realize I am still in the forest of senses.
come see it with me, it is beautiful.

Distance bet two souls is zero. Distance between two bodies is immense. Patterns of souls can be best depicted through generative art. a movement on the visible area can symbolize us. the backend is the universal program of how nature has scripted us, made us evolve for today and realize how to love each other.